Saturday, 4 February 2017

Welcome to My Street

Where dudes carried guns around like mobile phones, and marijuana served both as appetizer and dessert even when there were no meals.

Where gun shots lured you to bed at dusk and itching sounds from an old church speaker woke you at dawn.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

This is Where We Come to an End

Everything you thought you knew today, when the day fades, they all fade away.

I remembered calling you on phone at the end of each day, and how your guitar stringed Adel’s voice greeted me, always asking about my day and how I fared. Those questions weren’t just a regular greeting to you, as you always insisted that I gave you a detailed gist of how I spent the day. And each day I narrated how stressful my day was, and how I got tired doing a particular thing, you always told me with such soothing voice that stress and hard work were just ingredients of success, and I shouldn’t get tired trying, as the number of times I tried and failed before succeeding would inspire someone one day.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Back to God

 In those airy moments of restlessness when you stand glued to a spot by the words of the doctor, of how  much they have tried and how they have done their best but can’t get her out of coma, do you realise that with all the money you have you can’t even save her life.

The doctor said that all she needs to be saved is just a miracle, too bad miracles are not sold at Shoprites and Roban Stores.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Be Inspired

A lot of amazing stories spring up from this black sordid place of hope and dreams. Even in those mud of filth and infectious poverty, it takes focus and zeal to spot the gold ahead.
A lot of persons are not aware that TECNO Mobile and Infinix Mobile were pioneered by a Nigerian Entrepreneur. He initiated the idea of both phones, and solely funded the production of TECNO Mobile phones for some years before it received market acceptance in 2008. This young man, once carried files around looking for job as a graduate, he applied to work for several companies just like a common Nigerian graduate, but was constantly denied opportunities just like most graduates are being denied today; he once had a small shop where he repaired computers, but he was never deterred as he kept on dreaming and never lost focus.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Wooing Success

There are times in life when you get tired of trying, probably you have done a lot but nothing to show for it, and like a library you have different volumes of failure stacked up in the shelves of your life. You are scared to continue, afraid you may add another volume to the already stocked shelve.
Like a young man, you keep going after success, and in her skimpy gown she keeps running away from you. You have tried a lot of advances, even done things you weren’t sure of just to woo her into your life, but somehow she doesn’t want you. She probably feels you don’t have enough of what she needs to keep up a healthy relationship with you.

Friday, 9 September 2016

After Here

Your joke used to be the funniest in school back then and everybody expected to buy a ticket to your concert at Eko hotel one day, they so hoped on your making it, but these days you are so dry that you can’t even amuse yourself, like your hard disk of jokes had been replaced with that of a sadist. You don’t just understand where and how things went wrong.
You used to write mind cracking articles back then in school, and had a lot of audience on your blog, people visited your Facebook wall like it was a Doctor’s prescription; two times in the morning, once in the afternoon and three times at night. They all expected to read your bestseller one day, they hoped to see you lift the Caine Prize or even the Man Booker, they so hoped for that, but these days you can’t even write more than a paragraph of incoherent words. It started with a writer’s block, you thought it would pass, but then you never got your pen back. You try to figure out what happened, but you can’t.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Lessons for Desperation

Some months ago we were clubbing together in one of the biggest clubs in Africa, it was fun hanging out with friends, but as usual the yahoo guys in life were always there to intimidate you with the amount of liquor they purchased. For many hours we endured their oppression, but suddenly some of us felt it was enough, we felt we were being cheated since it was our contributions that kept this club running.
We weren’t happy with the Club manager; we felt deceived and neglected, and considering the fact that we all formed the board that appointed him to look after the club it made matters worse.
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